In order for this conference to be successful, the organizers are inviting companies, nonprofit organizations, and individuals to support the event through direct donations, sponsorships, or other forms of collaboration.

Crowdfunding and prizes

One way to support the conference is through a crowdfunding campaign. You can contribute to the project through the online platform MightyCause. You can make donations of various amounts - however much you wish to or can donate. In this way, we hope to enable everyone to become part of an exciting new story in this region.

What makes this crowdfunding campaign even more attractive is the opportunity to win a prize. Participants who decide to support the conference have the chance to participate in a prize draw and win valuable prizes. The prizes include a free conference ticket, gift package from Nepopularna psihologija, a NP T-shirt, promotional materials, or a conference book of abstracts.

Support 1st ever conference on psychedelics in Croatia on Mightycause
First ever “The Science of Psychedelics in Practice” conference in Croatia. Let’s start a dialogue.
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Sponsorships and Collaborations

Sponsoring the "Science of Psychedelics in Practice" Conference also provides companies and (non-profit) organizations with an opportunity to promote their services or products to a wider audience, raise awareness about their brand, establish professional connections, and expand their network of contacts. Sponsors receive various benefits depending on the chosen level of involvement in the event. For more information on different sponsorship opportunities, please refer to our brochure:

If you are interested in sponsorship or have a proposal for a collaboration, please feel free to contact us at: