We are very pleased to announce the first Multidisciplinary Conference on Psychedelics in Croatia, which will be held in Zagreb on November 11th, 2023.

The goal of the conference is to raise awareness about scientific research on psychedelics and their potential application in medical and therapeutical contexts, as well as the general perception of psychedelics in this part of Europe. As psychedelics are very often a taboo topic surrounded by myths and stigma, with this conference we wish to begin a conversation between experts from different fields, but also the broader public.

Lectures will be given by scientists, experts, and clinicians/therapists to provide participants with a wide range of knowledge and relevant information. More information about the conference program, as well as the opening of registration for various forms of participation, will be provided soon on the official conference website. In addition to lectures, participants will have the opportunity to participate in a roundtable discussion on the state of attitudes and research on psychedelics in this region.

The psychedelic conference in Croatia represents an important step in educating and informing about this controversial but promising field. We hope that this conference will encourage further research and considerations about the use of psychedelics for therapeutical purposes in Croatia and beyond.

Why this conference?

There are several reasons for organising the first, and hopefully not the last, conference of this kind in this region.

On one hand, an increasing amount of scientific research unequivocally demonstrates that psychedelics, such as LSD, psilocybin, and MDMA, have significant potential for use in the treatment of various mental disorders like depression, anxiety, PTSD, and addiction. At the same time, they debunk various myths and unscientific claims about the effects of these substances. However, due to the stigmatisation and criminalisation of psychedelics, these areas of research have long been marginalised.

This is reflected in the Croatian public and scientific community, where myths still prevail and the topic is rarely discussed or researched. The conference aims to raise awareness about current research findings and therapeutic practices, and encourage dialogue and further scientific studies.

Who is the conference intended for?

The conference on psychedelics in Croatia is intended for all interested participants who want to learn more about psychedelics, their potential for medical purposes, scientific research, and personal development, as well as those who are conducting research on psychedelics. This includes scientists, doctors, therapists, psychologists, activists, and the general public who want to learn more about psychedelics.

The conference will provide an opportunity to connect with other experts and enthusiasts in this field, exchange ideas and experiences, and gain new insights into psychedelics. It will also be useful for those who work in psychotherapy or other forms of therapy and who want to learn more about new methods of treatment.

As such, the conference will attract a wide range of participants who are interested in the scientific and therapeutic potential of psychedelics, as well as in various aspects of research, use, and effects of psychedelics on individuals and society as a whole.

For all information and updates, potential participation, support, and sponsorship of the conference, please follow the official website of “The Science of Psychedelics in Practice” conference. For any inquiries, feel free to contact the editorial team at urednistvo@nepopularna.org.